Dëmi, humbja e besimit që Yuri Kim i ka bërë SHBA-së dhe Perëndimit është shumë i madh.

Martin Henze CDU /

She should apologise and leave the country. The damage, the loss of trust she has done to the USA and the West is very great.

Kaosi i shkaktuar nga një ambasador jashtëzakonisht i keqinformuar i SHBA-së po destabilizon gjithnjë e më shumë vendin ballkanik.

Ambasadorja feston me politikanë të dyshuar për korrupsion, si kryebashkiaku i Tiranës Veliaj.

Fyen demokratët kundërshtarë shqiptarë dhe i kërcënon me ndalim udhëtimi nëse nuk ndjekin udhëzimet e saj.

Pak kohë më parë, për shembull, ajo përdori formulimin e diktatorit Hoxha në një diskutim me opozitën: “Nëse nuk ndjek, do të duhet të hash bar”. Një shkelje unike nga një ambasadore amerikane, ajo përdor shprehje staliniste, të papranueshme, në komunikimin me një komb ku është ambasadore e ftuar.

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Martin HenzeDemocracy: the government of the people by the people for the people.

Albania 2021

Chaos caused by an extremely ill-informed US ambassador is increasingly destabilising the Balkan country. The ambassador celebrates with politicians suspected of corruption, such as the mayor of Tirana, Veliaj, she insults dissenting Albanian democrats and threatens them with travel bans if they do not follow her instructions. 

Some time ago, for example, she used the following formulation of the dictator Hoxha in a discussion with the opposition: “If you do not follow, you will have to eat grass”. A unique transgression by a US ambassador, she uses expressions of a Stalinist, unacceptable, in communicating with a nation where she is a guest ambassador. 

She should apologise and leave the country. The damage, the loss of trust she has done to the USA and the West is very great.

Andi Bushati has very well outlined another problem that is unfortunately also developing into a problem with the participation of the US ambassador:

“Go to SPAK and close the case.

By Andi Bushati

Just one day after SPAK admitted in its midst the former prosecutor Alfred Shehu, who publicly lied in order to hide the Socialist Party electoral crime in Elbasan, this institution came at the center of public opinion with the “sensational” arrest of former Minister Lefter Koka. 

Immediately the voices of the propagandists were raised, hurrying to say that the special prosecution was hitting the left spectrum as well. That, now the incinerators affair was “burning” also the big fish. That finally, the long-awaited ending of impunity has started.

As always occurs in this provincial as well as ridiculous environment, these isolated exaltations were tried to be united as one on a pedestal, by the intervention of the American ambassador. She glorified the successes of justice reform by assuring that for SPAK no one is above the law. Surprisingly, many characters of the official opposition, half-lying and half-naive, saw this happen as a result of the Euro-Atlantic affiliation that their Democratic Party has received.

In fact, in all this parody, everything is a lie. The arrest of former minister and MP Lefter Koka is a farce, a decision politically directed from above, of course with the blessing of the only man who controls the new justice like everything else in this country.

To understand this, it is enough to close your ears to the beats of propaganda drums and start reasoning with rationality. In doing so it is not difficult to find out that Lefter’s political corpse was sold in exchange for the saving of a much larger thing. In the mega scandal of incinerators, which has so far given to a single hand nearly 95 million euros, a number that is expected to quadruple by the end of the process, the former minister of environment is accused of being paid through ghost companies he has set up with his relatives, nearly 3.5 million euros.

But where did the other money go when still today after seven years none of the incinerators are in operation?

Precisely to avoid this fatal question it seems as if a perfect manipulation scheme has been set in motion. Within it, SPAK has been just a simple link, as the direction of the operation has been directed by the office of the Prime Minister.

Only now do we come to understand why Edi Rama asked Lefter Koka to resign from the newly won mandate of MP. Only now we are able to find out what he used in blackmailing the former minister to leave the Socialist Movement for Integration and not quit the mandate in Parliament. Only now do we understand why, under the vapor of alcohol, we saw the two in that slanderous video as they recruited together other MPs.

Everything shows that the Prime Minister was not only aware of the sins of his former subordinate in the Ministry of Environment, but he also used the information at his disposal skillfully. Even the abandonment from the parliamentary group of the majority, after spending “money earned by hard work”, for one more term in Durrës, was calculated. It was not SPAK who led the operation, but it was Rama who set the agenda for the prosecutors, removing Lefter Koka two months before they went to handcuff him. His marking should have caused the least possible damage to the Renaissance, i.e., without being a MP on the day of his arrest.

But for all those who can see this elaboration as the offspring of a conspiratorial fixation there are a host of other facts. Even if you follow the logic of the skeptics, that is, that the prosecution has “caught” the big fish of robbery with incinerators and that Edi Rama is the clean man who has stayed out of this, again the account does not come out.

Let’s try to reason from the opposite.

Did “Teri” (Lefter Koka) have the power to change the strategy of the Albanian government to suddenly switch from landfill or recycling to incineration technology? Did he, alone, have the power to declare a state of national emergency, which would then justify tens of millions of euros given without competition and tender? Did he have the power to decide that in a total area of 70 km2 not one, but three incinerators would be raised? Could an environment minister, when at that time was not of Rama’s party, disburse millions of euros from the treasury, without a single brick being laid? Could he ignore the recommendation of the European Union, that with the construction of the three incinerators Albania was going in the wrong direction? Did he make the decision to put Alqi Bllako, his former subordinate who signed eagerly pro the incinerators, on the secure list of SP MPs in Tirana?

But, more than all these rhetorical questions there is an epochal moment and date that shows that Lefter Koka is merely a sardine in this ocean. Exactly on this Thursday, December 16, marks the seventh year that the Albanian state has broken a record, which surpasses in spectacularity the largest robbery ever committed on this globe. On December 16, 2014, the incinerator company submitted to the government the unsolicited offer to build the Elbasan incinerator. Within the same day, a 40-page contract for its construction was drafted.

This contract had to be sent to some ministries. They approved it within a few hours. The law provides for a 7-day space for appeals, but when the order of the boss is final, no one cares for the law. Therefore within the same date, even within the official schedule, the contract was negotiated and signed. It was sent to the Council of Ministers, which decided to spend the first 21 million euros on the Elbasan incinerator. So, within 24 hours, the Albanian state has worked like a Swiss watch in function of this mega robbery by issuing a full 9 procedures.

Well, everyone understands that despite any kind of prestigious skills he might have had, Lefter Koka could not fulfill this magic. Only one man did it. The one who led the Socialist Party to hold a political rally in the criminal belly of the incinerator of Elbasan, the one who turned into a clown in front of journalists, only not to answer questions about this affair.

When you go back to this story, it is easy to understand that in the 400 million euros saga of the incinerators, Lefter Koka was just an apprentice of Edi Rama. He worked as such when he was a minister and is being paid as such ending up in prison. Both the robbery scheme and the punishment scheme have a single boss.

In this puzzle, SPAK is an unimportant segment that performs only the acts for which it has been given permission. If you read the accusation that the special prosecution has filed, it does not raise questions about a structured group that has built a mechanism to shift public money, but is simply investigating a former minister who has opened some ghost companies to take bribes.

This is the reality of a balloon that is being launched to the market as popped. Rama has sold Koka to SPAK, to put a lid on the scandal. Therefore, neither Yuri Kim’s exaltation, nor any opposition figure who wants to hold on to a thread, can serve it to the public as real.”

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Ambasadorja kim dhe ministri i gundit i sigurimit të diktatures.

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