430 kg of cocaine, worth 40m Euros, seized at Socialist Party local representative in Fier. Albania remains a top drugs source worldwide

The Albanian prosecutor arrested subsequently Viktor Çervanaku and his family, as the individuals in charge of the seized cocaine. Çervanaku is the former socialist Mayor of the Frakull municipality and a local senior representative of the SP in Fier, currently employed by the state-owned power corporation as a Director based in Tirana.

In parallel, the 2022 World Drug Report issued by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, ranks Albania in the 7th place for the production and distribution of cannabis worldwide. Albania ranks 7th out of 154 countries and after Morocco, Afghanistan, Spain, the Netherlands, Pakistan and Lebanon (here). 

The report mentions Albania also as a heroin trafficking country as part of the “Balkan route”, which sets off in Pakistan and passes through Syria, Turkey, Greece and Albania continuing then towards the countries of Western Europe.

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