Chair of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, MP Taulant Balla, linked to murder of attorney and organised crime

The Democratic Party has frequently and regularly denounced Taulant Balla’s personal involvement in the affairs and activities of Elbasan’s gangs.

Taulant Balla has been accused for his strong personal links to Edmond Bego, a renowned drug lord sentenced in Italy with 21 years in prison for drug trafficking, with whom he has travelled 57 times abroad as proven by the border control register TIMS. There are accusations that he also lived in apartments owned by Bego. Balla has never fully rejected these accusations.

The name of Taulant Balla also appears in other wiretaps dating 2018, relating to the Bajraj criminal family, based in the city of Shkodra. In the recorded phone conversation, Taulant Balla is mentioned as being a ‘motor’ in influencing the law on gambling that he is collecting ‘the signatures’ of MPs.

Lastly, Balla has been also linked to Nuredin Dumani, a killer for hire and serious crime gang member from Elbasan, who has been recently arrested and with whom, there are allegations that Balla has held hundreds of phone calls. Dumani is currently under trial and part the protection program of the justice system.

To read more on the Capja killings and how Taulant Balla appears to be involved in it (here detailed article from Lapsi.al).

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