Berisha: Rama is killing the free speech, three televisions have been ‘dying’ in six months.

Edi Rama cannot represent us. With his acts, he has tarnished Albania’s image. He made us dinghy people, boat people, because he steals the votes, freedom, properties, he destroys businesses, recognizes no law. For the sake of power and enrichment he acknowledges no norms, laws, or standards”, said Berisha.

Yesterday we had the President of Germany visiting Tirana. He was welcomed with the demolition of a touristic resort.

It had regular permit. How could it be done?

Why did Rama do it? He did it because he wants to dictate the editorial line of its owner’s media. He does everything to defeat the free speech in the country

“His father signed the hanging of Havzi Nela for the free speech. He knew he was doing an executioner’s act, but he said the poet ‘deserved it’, with his inhumane conscience, because he considered the poet as an enemy.

His son thinks the same, the businessmen, journalists, media ‘deserve it, because they object me’. After taking all the powers under control, now he wants to conquer the free speech and media. Three television networks have become his victims within six months”, said Berisha.

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