Rama denies closure of Turkish school in Tirana per order of Turkish President Erdogan

“After every decision taken there is a search for reasons other than the truth and the public is bombarded with fake news and conspiracy theories! There is nothing like that and no intention but the equal application of the law in the case of revoking a school license like many other before”, Rama tweeted

”Selling the premises for which you have a school activity permit and opening the activity elsewhere, without obtaining the permit first according to the law, without meeting the criteria and without meeting the legally required standards, is a violation for which the law provides the license revocation”.

“Using children to hide guilt before the law, parents and students themselves, playing the role of a government’s victim when you have been caught not once but twice actually in violation shows a low conscience in relation to the high mission of a education center”.

Earlier today, Minister of Education Evis Kushi announced the shutdown of the Turkisht school “Mehmet Akif” in Tirana due to failure to meet the legal criteria even after two controls conducted by the Ministry.

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