The OSCE denounced Rama for hiding 200 million euros’/ Berisha: – Rama has a 100% safe meeting with American justice

Self plane available, with bedroom. I say here:

Use every dirty word, circulate everything in your mouth, but the Albanians don’t forget that you travel by plane.

At the time when they count the mouthfuls, you buy the wooden vase for 4 million euros in the courtyard of the prime minister.

They will never forget you, that just after taking office, the OSCE denounced you with a report that you have hidden 200 million euros in offshore accounts and you could not object to anything.

Albanians do not forget this.

Albanians do not forget the hundreds of tenders that your family members win. That’s why he can’t come face to face. Even his mayors cannot come because they have followed the same path”, said Berisha

“He has two terrible meetings, the first meeting with the opposition people, who will cut his ticket and make him responsible for all responsible thefts and the acts he has committed, but he also has a 100% safe meeting with American justice .

He is waiting for McGonagall because he paid 225 thousand dollars in bribes to his adviser and he is being tried for the bribe.

That’s why we start the change on the 14th, get him ready and before they ask us to extradite him, put him where he deserves it.

Berisha said, among other things, while presenting the candidate for mayor of Libohova, Adil Xhelili

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