Berisha accuses US Ambassador: Yuri Kim has obscure interests, she defends the Soros’ failed justice reform

🔻What do you think she is defending?

🔻She’s defending the failure of Soros’ reform in Albania.

🔻But maybe there’s more.

🔻She defends the lies she’s told to her bosses, she defends herself because she used corruption to fight anti-corruption in Albania.

That’s why she knows no boundaries and acts like that.

🔻She does because she’s keeping Rama hostage of his files. This does not happen anywhere else in the world.

“You cannot find in the whole world today another country where an ambassador acts like a governor like the (US) ambassador in Tirana does”, Berisha told media reporters in his weekly press conference.

This is unscrupulous, non dignitary and very insulting for a people and sovereign nation from the representative of its most important strategic partner”.

She defends her most obscure interests.

I have no problem with her unleashing SPAK (the Special Structure against Corruption) against me.

🔻In the next 100 years they’ll find as much as they found in the last one year and a half against me. But, a sovereign nation is a sovereign nation”.

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