Berisha meets Stipe Mesić, talk about the incident: I was attacked by a police informant, instigated by Rama and Çuçi

Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha received in his office today former Croatian President Stipe Mesić for a friendly talk. The two former Presidents of the respective countries also spoke about the physical attack against Berisha on December 6, when he was punched by a person while he was leading the opposition protest.

“I was really worried and asked my assistants every 15 minutes”, Mesić told Berisha. “I know from the beginning it was a premeditated attack. My long experience in the Balkans politics tells me it was no coincidence”.

The Democrat leader explained to his guest the incident dynamics, saying the perpetrator was a police informant and Interior Minister Blendi Çuçi and Prime Minister Edi Rama were the real instigators.

Mr. Mesić said the Democrat chairman was harmed only physically but he came out stronger politically.

“They did you a favor with this attack and only damaged themselves. You are the father of democracy, not only in Albania, but in the region today. Albania, Albanians, and Europe need you, because you are a democrat”, said the former Croatian President.
Asked how the opponent could do such a thing, Berisha responded:

”Edi Rama cannot enjoy his achievements, however big they might be, unless he violates his opponents. It is in his psyche”.

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