Berisha: PM Rama, the only advocate of Vučić’s pro-Russian policy in Europe

“The Democratic Party was the first party in the former communist Eastern Europe that sought NATO membership. It was among the first ruling parties that signed the partnership with NATO, opened its marine and air bases for US and NATO installations in Albania”, said Berisha.

“Along with the Italian and Azeri governments, the Democrat government played an important role in blocking the south corridor for the Russian gas and brining Azeri gas from Azerbaijan, which is a historic contribution in Europe’s energetic security”.

“Never was and never will be any kind of flirting with Russia which in the last two centuries has held hostile positions against the Albanian people. I highlighted these because Albania is a NATO member but Edi Rama is the only champion of Vučić’s pro-Russian policy in Europe. He defends the Moscow-Belgrade axis. He requests from Europe not to put pressure on Vučić for the sanctions on Russia. Very often he uses Vučić’s terminology and has transformed Albania into a vassal state of Belgrade”.

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