Incinerators affair, Berisha urges EU not to disburse a single penny to Albania without an investigation on Rama and accomplices .

Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha urged the European Union today from the Albanian parliament to conduct a full investigation into the waste incinerators affair in Albania and not to disburse any funds unless there is deep transparency about them. He accused four senior government officials, starting with Prime Minister Edi Rama, of being directly involved in the theft of millions of Euros for non-existent waste incinerators.

“It is time to monitor not only your taxpayers’ money, but also what happens to the Albanian taxpayers’ money”, Berisha said in his address in the parliament today.

Road construction in Europe or EU cost 2-3 million Euros per kilometer, whereas with this government the cost goes up €22 million per kilometer”.

“I’d like to appeal to the European Union, the European Council, not to disburse a single penny unless a full, transparent investigation is carried out and Edi Rama, Engjëll Agaçi, Arben Ahmetaj, and Erion Veliaj are brought before the law for the terrible affair of the incinerators, through which hundreds of millions of Euros were stolen; two incinerators do not exist at all and another one is out of order, procured in violation of the laws of the country in closed negotiations, without competition!”, said Berisha.

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