Millions paid for the Justice Reform gone down the drain, this is how much EU and US taxpayers’ money has been stolen

The international institutions are sounding the alarm bells, the CIA

Report, the latest report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC),

the Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance, institutions near the EP, etc., are openly crucifying this reform, showing that the organized crime and corruption are the two areas where Albania excels.

How much was spent for the Justice Reform in Albania from EU and US taxpayers’ money:

In 2023-2024, approximately €4 million will be in the fund of the financial support for the anti-corruption program; €10 million for the fight on organized crime and the improvement of citizens.

Of course, there are many doubts whether it must be called a “Justice Reform” as the “Renaissance people” of the ruling party prefer to see it or a “Reformation of Justice” as the citizens demand.

Indubitably, both have values, with one serving the politicians for their personal and criminal interests as it will be used as for “witch hunting”, and the other for the common people left at the doors of the courts of law, who are being barbarically hit by crime and corruption, violated by the state, wiretapped illegally and unconstitutionally, robbed in the middle of the day and in supposedly the safest places, like the airport, the capital, touristic areas, etc., etc.

I don’t know how the Western diplomats in Tirana feel after this madness and whether they will continue to support the political communist orgy of the Renaissance officials for the Justice Reform.

I don’t know how sincere the Albanian Renaissance people are in the face of the United States, and the recommendations of the US Department of State, US Congress, EU, German Bundestag, MEPs, European Parliament and its Rapporteurs for Albania.

Time showed the justice reform failed, because from the beginning it had as its primary goal the selection of judges and prosecutors that would not eat in the Renaissance’s kitchen and would not accept or be quiet before robbery, greed, crime, private data breach and theft, and the mafia-type masquerade of ministers and officials with the bank accounts of €30 million for the waste incinerators in the name of retires without homes and food, or the departed.

The US and EU stipulation: The vetting application must be fair, impartial, and non-selective

The vetting process must produce a class of independent, unafraid judges that can stand to the today’s and tomorrow’s governments, and can fight corruption uncompromisingly. Is that what our EU and US friends want?

Is it what our citizens want? Absolutely yes! This is what they want. Does the law on vetting, according to which the vetting must be carried out by the “Renaissance” with its directors and politic secretaries, guarantee it?

No, it does not. Why not?

Because the ministers, the government and its head are afraid of an independent justice, they are afraid of that class of independent judges and prosecutors. Being afraid would be normal for a Prime Minister that has made Members of Parliament persons with criminal records, a Prime Minister that shares tenders with his cronies. And fear leads to the sabotage of the justice reform by making laws knowingly they are unconstitutional.

Venice: Albania should not turn into a protectorate

The Venice Commission has explicitly criticized the International Monitoring Board.

To whom will be accountable this International Monitoring Board that will decide for us? If they act unjustly, which Albanian institution will hold them accountable?

Time has proved they have taken sides with the members of the Independent Qualification Commission and the Special Appellate College and have turned the latter into a kind of Gestapo.

And it is for a good reason because a good part of them are susceptible to blackmail due to their problems with files and declaration forms before putting their candidatures and being selected.

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