The son of the Albanian Interior Minister arrested in Italy over involvement in medicaments and patients traffic

The son of the Albanian Minister of the Interior Bledi Çuçi has been arrested today in Italy over involvement in the illegal traffic of medicaments, sick persons, and health cards. The incident was announced by Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha after being tipped off by an anonymous source that also put forward evidence for his claim.

“Endi Çuçi, the son of the Interior Minister Blendi Çuçi, has been arrested in Italy as a member of the mob that smuggled medicaments and patients. He worked in the High Judiciary Council. Powerful interventions are being made for his release”, wrote Berisha on his Facebook page, where he also posted the original message from his source.

Hello Doctor.

I have several important documents which I am sending to you”, the source wrote. “It is about a security measure of an Italian Court of Law that includes Bledi Çuçi’s son, Endi Çuçi, in smuggling of medicaments and Albanian patients that received falsified health cards in Italy during the Covid pandemic. No media has mentioned the name. A journalist friend of mine gave me the documents confidentially, saying he had obtained them from an Italian newspaper. I possess the papers”.

I am attaching the following documents:

1. The security measure from the Court of Milan.

2. The news in the Italian media.

3. Wiretapped conversations in the Court file

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