Berisha’s statement: Full monism has been established, an opposition front is vital for the country

Just like in Albania’s monist past, all the high state institutions qualified as independent or autonomous, such as the President of the Republic, the head of the High State Audit, the head of the State Intelligence, the head of the Army Intelligence, the boards’ directors, have been nominated, voted, or elected only from the Socialist Party”.

“Today in Albania all the chairpersons of the parliamentary commissions, parliamentary delegations, are Socialist Party MPs and in some cases are its instruments from the so-called opposition of Basha. Due to the opposition boycott of the local elections of 2019, all the local power belongs to the Socialist Party today. All the NGOs are totally controlled by the government and George Soros-backed networks. All the media, with rare exceptions, are controlled by Edi Rama’s censoring government. Four or five oligarchs posses more than 35% of the Albanian economy, unlike any country in the world”.

The Democratic Party appeals to all citizens to rise in defense of the democratic ideals to rescue Albania from Edi Rama’s Soros-backed communist regime. In this context, the Democratic Party considers as vital the creation of an opposition front for Albania, made up of the opposition political forces, civil society, intellectuals, and academics. The Democratic Party appeals to Albanians everywhere in the world to engage with their potentials to rescue the country from Edi Rama’s monist state”.

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