The scandal of Albanian Armed Forces Berisha charges against Minister Mimi Kodheli.

Evidence for U.S. government and Mimi ALBES scandal.

This is a day that you assist the most irresponsible action, is the most ferocious attack in 23 years that was made against the country’s Armed Forces is the most irresponsible act committed against these forces, which despite their great problems inherited, we must be aware and very grateful to them, that men and women have made tremendous efforts in the interest of the country. Have contributed a vital, essential, in Albania’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance, have made an excellent representation during these years. Over two thousand of them have taken part in the most important missions in Europe, in Asia, Africa and different countries as peace ambassadors of Albania. Law behaves today is another step in the chain of aggression made against them unthinkable. These are the laws, with which Albania joined NATO, are laws that completed action plan for Albania to join NATO. These are laws that our army standardizoi legal basis that the member states of NATO. With the coming to power of mystery bile and hatred, and institutions began to disintegrate in the top of the next two major institutions, the State Police and the Armed Forces. Where are you today shkritë Traffic Police? 180 more deaths in road accidents following 9 months. Where are you today shkritë Criminal Police, who had links with crime folders? Today, the number of murders clearly greater than 9 months of last year. Today multiply drug trafficking.

It was restored in key positions of State Security officers

What happened with the Armed Forces? Albanians will not ever forget, NATO, after a year’s work our Armed Forces certified a strength which came as NATO standards. Rama hid statement. Jua hid Albanians and clarify this statement, this great achievement, brought his spokeswoman misused and said the army did not meet anywhere Albanian NATO standards. Its showing total ignorance, I do not know what are the standards nor NATO.
What happened next? Later his spokeswoman appear a day after emerging from “kitchens” of the Prime Minister, the media and accuses predecessor and says go to jail, because only people eating opponents head, you relax these souls from sins committed.
What came out of this? Auditor told you himself. Her close friend who has worked at the bank and that the country has taken most reliable anywhere in audit, Edmond Gore, once confronted with the law, the practice of which Edvin vowed to go to jail Imami, it turned out that Minister had violated no law, no regulation, but to whom did this. It became man, who left the post, performing a mission nation and country very, very important. When he became minister, 115-120 thousand tons of ammunition, all of the potential Gërdec vetëshpërthimin seniority, existed in Albania. Even-even had some of those cases coming in ranking the most powerful and most dangerous atomic behind them. Filling rocket with tremendous potential. And worked with dedication. The liberated the country from them. With a small handful that are truly heroes and that absolutely did not ever even from our government that deserved greater reward and for this should go to jail her predecessor just because “hatred mystery” can not ever honepste the role he played in turning all these years.
Proceed further. Offensives against the Armed Forces, returned in all key positions of State Security officers, directors revert to any position of MIS, which has major tasks over the years and more important, in collaboration with our key partners has conducted operations the most excellent, service for which he has reason to be proud of and now always beheaded and should bring henchmen, those whom you have made disaster Albanians were to be made to survey the army.

What happened to General Syrja Gjoka

Continue on, what happened to General Syrja Gjoka? We who have seen the iron broom ’70s. We saw identical appearance to those years, when demons dictatorship or military generals vërsuleshin on, only because Enver Hoxha, mental ill like this here, believed that they were doing was throwing coup and coats in the face and presented before media. The same thing you did with Syrja Gjoka. Shame shame and now will tell you godmother. What your sister, I have given an official response to the U.S. Embassy, ​​but it has followed as Gorgon and Gjoke Syrja issue except my official response amicably want to tell everyone, do not ever put my hand on Mimi and Albee, that “the name of God “burn the hands and lips. This is the truth. she has done and I will bring proofs, point stick and would bring proofs to the U.S. government and all options., I do not rush.
Now we come to the laws, the laws of hatred, theft laws. I am here before you to bring to you very soon on this platform, stealing files monstrous chunk Edi Rama in the army. To see how you are stealing tens of thousands of square meters in the most coveted region of Albania, because Albania has some areas that did not even Balkans. Although the purpose of these laws? For President Nishani, General Commander of the Armed Forces, the guarantor of the stability of these forces should be stripped of functions and lukunia mafia should take possessions, their riches. Must stop at some point here. 23 years we have had many inter-party clashes, but we have had the wisdom not to mix politics Armed Forces and have done well. They’ve earned it. After 23 years, the statement read how General Base solicited as fascist as anti-Stalinist opposition, how this gentleman crawler absolute opposition teethe and thinks he can impress. Gen. severely disappoint. Him and ordered him to tell you hang out teeth teeth break that lock jaw. We are not power, are laws. But to go in the name of Rama and Mimi lie to NATO, and threaten the opposition have committed an ugly act. In this room we agreed not to accuse the army of drug trafficking. In the room where drug trafficking exponents of this majority, were protected by shield military issue, we said no, we are not for the army, say the government. It is not the military government. But when the government compels general release press against the opposition, it then happens in NATO countries kurrën of kurrës, this does not happen in any free country, it did not happen 23 years in Albania, it happens in this mafia group that has gripped the country’s executive.
Do you know that for years the consultant of the Ministry of Defence, has disagreed with this do? Did you know that the consultant has been absolutely against this. Did you know that this is the only model of Assad and anyone else, that where there is President and Prime Minister, shared things and not ever removed the powers of the General Commander.

Yes undone NATO standards

We are on the verge of status and I have expressed my opinion and I am convinced that we deserve their status, but these signals we send to a time that you know well, as I know, unfortunately not fully established. Not fully established. I’m on the status. But the truth is that it is not set. The truth is that where your chairman was yesterday, today media say received a negative response. I do not know what reply is received, do not wish to be so. The truth is that every day go to other countries, which derive daily problems. Absolutely not agree. Albania absolutely deserves status. But those who do what we tell?
With this rush, fury to get powers of the President of the Republic, which has minimal parliamentary republic, and to remove those powers, which they have given you and not themselves socialists. These laws are designed with the best expertise in a period when the U.S. Mr. Majko has been defense minister, have not moved a letter, we have had our problems, but ultimately they shared powers properly and in the partition powers, was given military stability. Army won a certainty, stability wins. General who is appointed by the President not to mistreat as they want to do, Arrest camera as a fascist junta, and not as a free country and now where is he?
I think these laws, undo NATO standards. These laws give the army a heavy blow. These laws are evidence of a primitive revenge this majority, a greedy man with power that radiates throughout the day, only the negative energy in this country. To a man, who will deceive any Albanians in his statement. Yes and yes! To a man, the truth is that it undoes standard and decisively important achievement of this country and chose Shara protected by two professionals, each caught in traffic limit for prostitution, rape denounced the patient, the caught in TIMS, with Fatos Gjurën etc.., etc.., and the other as a twin with.

Country towards instability

Are doing an extremely dangerous and where action is in the wake of the collapse of institutions. Collapsed the police, broke the four corners drugs. Other institutions collapsed. Just today we are destroying both institutions. Institution control non-banking financial market, execution and now comes the turn of the army. Did you think they led the country into a real instability. Here they are. Celebrate name day today in a time where there is sacrifice ex-those who Labour Party and Enver Hoxha did most outrageous persecution. Rather than smaller manifested signs of responsibility you are throwing away all the documents that have passed in this Parliament jointly attitude toward the past. And being turned swiftly past.
Have you seen how the first four days of Rama labeled politically persecuted, “are eating like pigs”, opened his newspaper capitalized. Yes, yes. I call citizens to support this strike, strike to support this human dignity. To support this strike that they are defending the right principles, once again seeking resentencing of Enver Hoxha, because you waking from the grave, seeking once again keeping promises, which burnt down people alive. ‘ve Burned people alive, not now keep promises and tell them you eat like pigs. Insult an entire society. Remember that guilt will not ever leave you with these attitudes that hold a great moral issue of our society and instead go to negotiate with you open your papers “are eating like pigs”, word of mouth, absolutely Enver Hoxha it, Stalin, Hitler and dictators of this nature. Therefore, I urge you to reject this law. To reject with disgust and contempt of these laws, which in Albania undo NATO standards in the Armed Forces and undo the worst goal pushtetërimit of a man, who has not limited his pushtetërimin, with a single, steal, steal and steal just everything.

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