Henze : Ambasadorja Kim, ambasadoria amerikane me origjinë Koreane, po politizon ambasadorin në Tiranë.

Shkruan Martin Henze keshilltar CDU Gjermani /

Ambasadorja Kim, ambasadorja amerikane me origjinë Koreane, po politizon ambasadorin në Tiranë, – ku sipas ligjit amerikan dhe atij ndërkombëtar ajo duhet të përmbahet nga bërja e ndonjë deklarate politike.

Duke ndërhyrë drejtpërdrejt në organizatën partiake të partisë në pushtet dhe tani edhe në Partinë Demokratike Pro-Perëndimore të Shqipërisë, me qëllim heqjen e politikanit Berisha.

Berisha i cili organizoi integrimin perëndimor të Shqipërisë në vitet 1990, nga grupi parlamentar i PD, dhe duke përshëndetur përpjekjen e paligjshme dhe jokushtetuese të kryetarit Basha për të përjashtuar këtë anëtar të zgjedhur nga grupi parlamentar në parlamentin shqiptar, ajo ka ndërhyrë në një masë të papranueshme në punët e brendshme të Shqipërisë.

Pergezimi i saj hapur për shkeljen e kushtetutës dhe shkeljen e statuteve të partisë të Kryetarit të PD Basha, një ngjarje e rëndë që nuk është parë në Evropë në 30 vitet e fundit dhe që as Grenell nuk ia kishte lejuar vetes ta bënte në Berlin.

Grenell ka qenë mjaft i zgjuar për të mos ndërhyrë në punët e brendshme të partive gjermane, siç po bën tani Kim në Shqipëri.

Kim me sa duket e sheh veten më pak si një diplomat sesa si një punonjës – një anëtar i stafit të Blinken. Ajo bëri diçka të tillë në Ambasadën Amerikane në Turqi, ku ishte këshilltare politike, ose si menaxhere e PR në Departamentin e Shtetit nën Obamën, por në Shqipëri duket se i ngatërron funksionet e saj.

Duket se është puna e parë si ambasadore që Kim është plotësisht jashtë thellësisë së saj, ajo gjithashtu duket se harron se Shqipëria dhe Ballkani është një zonë me ndikim për Evropën dhe jo SHBA.

Ambasadori po bëhet një çështje e vërtetë për Biden dhe Kongresin në Uashington. Një ambasador amerikan që orkestron politikën e partisë në Shqipëri nuk është i qëndrueshëm.

Albania: Chaos in the Democratic Party

Martin Henze

Martin Henze

Democracy: the government of the people…

Publicerades 21 sep 2021+ Följ

Mr Henze, you are one of the best foreign experts on the Balkans and a friend of Albania, what do you say to the congratulations of the US Ambassador Kim on the exclusion of the parliamentarian Sali Berisha, elected on 25 April 2021, by the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha.

Ambassador Kim, the Korean-born US ambassador, is politicising the ambassadorship in Tirana, – where under US and international law she must actually refrain from making any political statements.

By directly intervening in the party organisation of the ruling party and now also in the pro-Western Democratic Party of Albania, with the aim of removing the politician Berisha, who organised the Western integration of Albania in the 1990s, from the parliamentary group of the DP, and by welcoming the unlawful and unconstitutional attempt by the chairman Basha to exclude this elected member from the parliamentary group in the Albanian parliament, she has interfered to an unacceptable extent in the internal affairs of Albania and also openly congratulated the breach of the constitution and the violation of the party statutes of DP Chairman Basha, an event that has not been seen in Europe in the last 30 years and that not even Grenell had allowed himself to do in Berlin. 

Grenell has been smart enough not to interfere in the internal affairs of German parties, as Kim is now doing in Albania.

Kim apparently sees himself less as a diplomat than as a staffer – a member of Blinken’s staff. She did something like that at the US Embassy in Turkey, where she was a political adviser, or as a PR manager at the State Department under Obama, but in Albania she seems to be mixing up her functions. It seems it is first job as ambassador that Kim is completely out of her depth, she also seems to forget that Albania and the Balkans is an area of influence for Europe and not the US. 

The ambassador is becoming a real issue for Biden and the Congress in Washington. A US ambassador orchestrating party politics in Albania is not sustainable.

These are strong, critical words that they are raising towards a US ambassador.

No, it is just very clear reference to the respect of international law. You see, there is a very close friendship and a special relationship between Germany and the US, the majority of US citizens have relatives in Germany. Criticism must therefore be possible between friends or in a family and is also justified and necessary in this particular case. 

The leader of the DP, Basha, tells the public in Albania and the embassies that he wants to protect the Democratic Party of Albania from anti-Americanism, that the USA is the protecting power of Albania, and that for this reason he does not want MP Berisha to be in the DP parliamentary group and that the official body of the parliamentary group decided on the exclusion of the parliamentary group, that he protects the DP and decides this all by himself.

Indeed, Mr Basha seems to have left the ground of reality. For one thing, a democrat has to abide by the law, and that includes himself. He apparently wants to tell us that he is above the law, irritating understanding of democracy on the part of his colleague.

Furthermore, it is now the case that not America, but the US State Department is denying the Berisha family private entry, on the grounds that he practised corruption 10/15 years ago. This accusation is old, legally untenable and unsubstantiated. On the other hand, Berisha is a very good friend of the USA. In this respect, a distinction must be made between the opinion of a democratic foreign minister, Blinken, who makes party-political decisions, and the USA. 

I recommend that Mr. Basha call former Presidents Bush, Clinton or Obama and many other upright Democrats and Republicans in the USA. He should call former President Bush and tell him that Bush’s good friend Sali Berisha is an anti-American.

And how would former President Bush react?

Well, Bush, is still in touch with Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State. Kissinger, by the way, is a German, born in Bavaria. Kissinger had a good friend in Germany, the former Chancellor Schmidt. I admire him very much, but he was in the wrong party. Schmidt had coined the phrase at that time: ” Whoever believes in visions should go to a doctor.” I think that Bush, Lulzim Basha will give exactly these recommendations.

Berisha and the members of the DP, as well as the rest of the Albanians, are great and reliable friends of the USA. Like the Germans, many Albanians have emigrated to the USA. If Basha now denies the loyalty of the majority of the party members to America and wants to prevent the necessary committee vote in the DP with this justification, the development in Albania is slowly taking on bizarre structures.

Basha states that there is only one protecting power and that is America, right?

Well, here too he is confusing something elementary. First of all, he doesn’t mean America, but the USA, a fundamental player in the Balkans, but not Albania’s protecting power. 

Albania is a member of NATO, so the protecting power is NATO. Furthermore, there is also the EU and Germany in particular, all of which unfortunately seems to have been forgotten by Basha. That is very problematic. One thing is also important. 


If, on the one hand, the US ambassador to Albania rightly criticises the issue of corruption, the lack of democracy, the deficient freedom of the press and the dysfunctional rule of law, she cannot, on the other hand, congratulate a leader of the democratic party for organising the sacking of a democratically and freely elected parliamentarian without a legal basis and against the constitution. We democrats only know such behaviour as Basha shows from banana republics, but not from Europe. This is a serious, further problem.


Well, the rule of law is the antithesis of the state of injustice. 

Along with the principle of democracy, the rule of law is the fundamental basic norm of the Albanian constitution and the primary basic condition for membership in NATO and the EU. 

The rule of law means that all state authority, including that of a party leader like Lulzim Basha, is bound by state law and also by party laws.The rule of law lives only through state and civic discipline, all citizens, all citizens, including Mr. Basha, must abide by it. 

But the elementary thing is that the rule of law can only exist if the people have confidence in this rule of law and thus an awareness of legal certainty and legality develops among the people.

If now a party leader and a US ambassador overturn these securities of a constitutional state, the one by deliberate actions and the US ambassador by congratulating illegal actions, then the constitutional state in Albania still exists on paper, like so much in Albania, but no longer in reality. 

That is the real drama of this ill-considered action of the leader of the Democratic Party of Albania, he behaves like his opponent, the autocrat Rama, and thus places himself outside the legal and democratic tradition of Europe and he can basically no longer criticise the undemocratic behaviour of Rama, since he himself has bent the law. A real problem.

Briefly to the party leader Basha, where must happen?

What needs to happen is original business of the Democratic Party of Albania. The Democrats have enough experts and courageous party members who think first of their country and not of third parties. I have known Basha for a very long time, have held him in high esteem and therefore his action is not only irritating but very disappointing to me. He may have the idea as leader that his party colleague should no longer be a member of the parliamentary group, only this opinion he has to bring into the democratic opinion-forming process of the parliamentary group of the DP and the party, also he has to abide by the law, he is not the autocrat of the DP. 

There are voices in Albania that he did not take the legally correct path, i.e. voting in the parliamentary group and voting in the party convention, so that he would not suffer defeat.

I cannot judge that conclusively. But it cannot be ruled out. He seems to have been very badly advised and may also have been put under factual and emotional pressure by the US ambassador’s call to expel him from the parliamentary group, which was contrary to international law.

In conclusion, I may have been mistaken about Basha as a person and a democrat, I thought he was an upright Albanian and European democrat and not a complement to the person Rama, whom he has always massively criticised, all very incomprehensible. There is also another theme.

Which issue do you mean?

It is noticeable that the press and media, which are in the sphere of influence of the ruling party of Rama, massively welcome Basha’s violation of the law. As an outstanding we have to ask ourselves, is Mr. Basha still a member of the democratic party or is he a de facto member of Rama’s socialist party, has he made agreements with the autocrat that no outstanding knows?

In what way incomprehensible?

In Europe, we expect a leader of a democratic party in Albania to abide by the constitution ad the party laws; unfortunately, that is not the case here. If something like this had happened in Europe, the party leader would have apologised for his attempt to deliberately break the law and would have resigned from office within 24 hours and a date would have been set for the election of a new leader. Unfortunately, he did not do so, thereby depriving himself of any legitimacy to appear as a democrat. A democrat and Albanian patriot respects the constitution, the party laws and also the dignity of his party colleagues.

A party organisation must have confidence in a party leader that he, on the one hand, adheres to the legal rules and that, on the other hand, he also has ethical principles, i.e. that he treats all party members respectfully, by respecting the law. The way he dealt with the party member Berisha is also not correct for ethical and moral reasons – this is not the way to deal with colleagues.

But if he was put under pressure by outsiders or the US ambassador, he could not have acted differently, could he?

Parties are important for Albanian democracy: they take on numerous functions in the democratic process and thus contribute to the functioning of the system. They are supposed to reflect the opinions of Albanian citizens, not the views of ambassadors or other foreign organisations.

Albania is a party democracy. Parties are theoretically supposed to fulfil a number of important functions in the political system. Not only do they provide the personnel for public offices and mandates, but they also perform other functions on the fulfilment of which the functioning and stability of Albanian democracy essentially depends, and this is essential, must be determined by Albanians and not others.

Parties thus play a central role in the political system, which is legally recognised and secured by the constitution and the party laws. From this status, however, the parties can not only derive rights for themselves, but must also fulfil certain obligations, which in part intervene far into the organisation of the parties, this concerns, as I said, the observance of the constitution and the party laws.

Therefore, I expect that he must resist the pressure of the US ambassador, which is against international law, if the raison d’état or the constitution requires it, that is what a party leader must be able to do in the interest of his party and the people as well as the Albanian state constitution, that is the task of a leader. He has the obligation not to make and communicate illegal decisions, he has to protect the interests and goals of his party and the state.

He therefore has to follow the legal procedures.

If this was not possible for him, for whatever reason, then he should have resigned from office and given a reasoned explanation to protect his own integrity and to protect the party and thus also the Albanian state constitution.

A party leader who can be put under pressure by foreign organisations and then breaks the law is basically not fit to lead a democratic party, he cannot be trusted. 

And what has to happen now?

Well, for one thing, it seems important to reintroduce legality into the party organisation of the democratic party. This can certainly only be possible through the election of an interim chairman or team consisting of the previous DP chairmen or the last DP chairman, for this of course it is a condition that Lulzim Basha resigns voluntarily or he is voted out because of his massive breach of the law. Then the way would be clear to reconcile the party members through your reorganisation of the DP.

What do you think follows from this?

This nonsensical discussion about Berisha, Basha, Rama and others must stop. The Albanians are not in the luxury situation of having time for games. The US ambassador must abide by international law. The situation in Albania now is that even the ruling party has no sole legitimacy to lead the government because of the illegal election on 25 April 2021, it has not been elected. This actually means new elections per se. An illegitimate party cannot form a government according to the constitution. Albania’s electoral law does not meet international standards, and the OSCE report on the parliamentary election shows to a disastrous extent the manipulation of the 2021 parliamentary election by representatives of the ruling party. There is a violation of the democratic principle of the Albanian constitution.

The problem is, Albania is facing real mega-problems. The state budget is in a massive, structural mess, partly because of the corruption of the Rama executive and the complete lack of planning. The economy has collapsed, and more and more young, well-qualified Albanians are emigrating; their families are missing them, but so is the economy. There is no democratic electoral law and the parliamentary elections of 2017/2021 were massively and comprehensively manipulated. Those politically responsible have no legitimacy. Covid 19 is not defeated in Albania, mutants are spreading massively, the 4th wave will break out in Albania in October at the latest and overwhelm the system. Many Albanians have left the country and many more Albanians now want to leave.

Politicians have to react to these structural problems together, so it is no longer a question of being right and the eternal discussions and fruitless debates about who is right now. This has led to nothing in Albania in recent years, is destructive and is not innovative. Add to this the irritating interference of the US ambassador.  It only escalates the chaos further.

The DP needs an interim leader or team, temporary, until the new elections in a year’s time, by which time the party should have reorganised itself.

However, the major political parties need to work in parallel and together, the best minds in the country, to define the nation’s options, to focus and implement them. 

Mr Henze, thank you very much for the interview.

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