Berisha warns the majority: The people will come to the parliament

Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha said very soon an opposition protest will take place outside the Parliament of Albania.

“This parliament is more monist than that of 1991. This is a parliament where no article of the regulation and of the Constitution is respected; a parliament where everything is done to smother the opposition’s voice only because the majority is terrified because of their thefts of the public assets”, Berisha told media reporters outside the parliament.

“The leader of the majority has given himself the right to use the most unacceptable, offensive vocabulary. Not only has he not been punished by the parliament leaders, but he is supported by them. In the contrary, the opposition MPs that respond to him are expelled from sessions”. ,

“The parliament does not respect the opposition’s right for procedure. This right cannot be denied in any parliament room in the world. This made communicate with the Albanian citizens via Facebook. The parliament has turned into an institution where the criminal groups decide, where decision in the interest of the criminal groups are taken.

“The people will come here to give a message.

The rally hasn’t been decided yet, but it will be decided within a couple of days.

Will the people enter inside? Only the people know that.

This is a battle for the free vote, for the dignity, for the future, and nothing will stop us in our battle”, said Berisha

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