EU report condemns Edi Rama, the Democratic Party calls for protests ‘to remove the source of evil’

The progress report lists a number of violations and abuses, saying corruption at high levels of the governance is worrying.

“Edi Rama, as a source of evil, is leading Albania towards an abyss”, the Democratic Party said in a public statement, calling on the citizens to rally in protests.

“The progress – report of the European Union on Albania is a strong alarm bell and a danger signal

A long list of violations, unfulfilled criteria, and unfinished or badly finished jobs have made Rama and his administration a poster for bad governance. The main concern of Brussels remains the fight against systemic corruption and especially corruption at high-level of administration”.

“The fundamental concern of the Democratic Party about the country’s depopulation appears in the report, as well as our strong criticisms of tax amnesty and ‘gold passports’”.

“We call on Albanians to unite in popular protests. A country in danger can be rescued only by cutting off the danger’s source”, the Democratic Party said in its declaration

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