Exclusive/ Luftar Hysa of Sinaloa was received at the Prime Minister’s office

In the second photo, Luftar Hysa and Angela Merkel’s party former MP look even clearer while they are leaving the Albanian Prime Minister’s office.

The pictures have been published on Dosja.al since October 4, 2020, but the article was entirely focused on the visit of the former German MP, since at that time no one knew who the persons escorting Haupmann were. But MCN TV has managed to identify them as Luftar Hysa and Besnik Lulaj, who were received by the Prime Minister. Along with the trio was Dorian Duçka, an adviser to the Prime Minister for foreign investments, who apparently was also the organizer of the meeting.

This is one of the biggest scandals ever that has involved the Albanian government. The partners of the biggest drug trafficker in the world, Ismael Zambada, who, according to the Mexican intelligence authorities, are laundering Sinaloa Cartel’s money through investments in the Albanian tourism, were welcomed in a meeting right in the Prime Minister’s office.

The pictures show clearly that the Sinaloa Cartel has managed to reach the highest office of the Albanian government, to the Prime Minister, making the scandal even deeper.

In what capacity was Mr. Hysa received in the Prime Ministry?

Who brought together a former German MP with a person accused of close ties to the Sinaloa Cartel? What was the purpose of the meeting? These are the questions that arise naturally after these pictures that plunge the Albanian government into another huge scandal.

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