Berisha pays homage to the Martyr of Democracy Azem Hajdari, says his work serves as an inspiration

Today, with his message, Azem Hajdari is more alive than ever. Today, we put flowers on the place where Azem Hajdari and his brother in arms Besim Çera fell to honor them, but today we are again under monism”, said the Democrat chairman.

“The descendant of Enver Hoxha’s regime is in power today and by stealing the votes of the Albanians he has put the country under his complete control, restoring like this the total monism”, Berisha said referring to Prime Minister Edi Rama.

“In this context, the work of Azem Hajdar is a great inspiration for Albanians, to stand up strongly in protests and demonstrations to overthrow this regime that rests on the stolen votes of the Albanians, rests on the terrible connections with crime and drugs, stands on the terrible progressive impoverishment of Albanians, stands as a vassal of Belgrade, stands as a true anti-Albanian, as a fierce enemy of the freedoms, rights, existence, identity of Albania and of the Albanian nation.

Therefore, it is an opportunity to call on the Albanians to fulfill our mission, as Azem Hajdari and the students fulfilled it in the 90s”.

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