Gratitude to Saint Teresa, Rama with his paternal hate removed her statue

They honor the Saint that with the rare virtues of her soul, love, compassion, devotion and boundless faith in Jesus the King, achieved the highest title, that of Mother of all Mankind, and conquered like no one else alive ever the hearts of people of all races and faiths. 

She was also awarded the Nobel Prize and became the most famous woman of her century.

Enver Hoxha’s barbaric regime forbade Mother Teresa’s coming to Albania for decades, whereas the neo-Bllokman Edvin Kristaq Rama, expressing his paternal hatred towards the all-time greatest Albanian woman, in an anti-national decision removed her statue from the country's capital, insulting like this the entire Albanian nation.

I invite you dear friends to express our deepest gratitude to Saint Teresa, who exalted the Albanian’s name like nobody else, inspired and will always inspire love, mercy, compassion as the highest and most powerful virtues of mankind and humanity!

*Mr. Sali Berisha is a former Albanian President and Prime Minister.

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