Rama decides to give to private companies the process of granting the Albanian citizenship .

The decision number 530 of the Council of Ministers, dated July 29, 2022, enters into effect immediately after its publication in the official gazette. The proposal for this unprecedented decision was made by Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi and was approved by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

In the Point 1, the decisions states that the government decided “the implementation of concession procedures / public private partnership in the sector of citizenship programs”” The Ministry of the Interior has been entrusted with the implementation of this decision.

Until now, the granting of Albanian citizenship was a long process, involving several institutions, including the security agencies, and it was concluded with a Decree of the President of the Republic.

The process includes a series of links and stipulates rigorous verification of these applications by the structures of the Ministry of the Interior and the President’s Office.

Now, with a decision signed by Premier Rama, the service will be given to be performed by private companies.

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