Tirana’s waste incinerator received loans by pledging public properties as collaterals

”So far you have seen only the tip of the iceberg concerning the incinerators’ affairs”, said Meta.

”You have seen that people that have departed, elderly that live in nursery homes, figure with forged signatures and have circulated millions of Euros on behalf of this organization. 

We have seen shepherds working in Greece whose signatures were forged; we also saw how the funds of the Ministry of Agriculture and of the agency for the development of agriculture ended in the hands of this criminal organization.

Today we will show how the Albanian government, with the head of this affair, which is Prime Minister Rama, made public assets available to this scheme, pledging them as collaterals to various banks for money that goes overseas”.

The Coordinator against Corruption Briseida Shehaj showed the facts.

“I’d want to show you the page number 19 of the contract for the Tirana incinerator, this is where everything starts. The company has the right to leave guarantees, pledges, collateral, to get loans in second-tier banks, and not only the properties that were given to it by concession, but also the squares and passageways to get to the property. Everything starts from this page”, said Shehaj.

She added that a total of €16 million of loans were taken by pledging public properties as collaterals.

“Tirana’s incinerator company has received 8 loans, the last one was €8 million in November 2021, they have a remaining amount of about $16 million. The banks have acted legally we will not mention any of them. Here is a contract of $1 million, another $2 million, another €1.5 million, another one $2.5 million”.

“This is the biggest loan they have received, €8 million. What happens? To receive this loan, these two letters were written, addressed to the Municipality of Tirana and the Ministry of Infrastructure. In both letters, the company informs them and requests their approval

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