Rama attacks the Berlin Process for the funding of the Blue Corridor segment, rejects allegations of corruption: A hole in the water

Albanian Premier Edi Rama and Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku announced today the opening of the competition for the Milot-Fier road segment, a part of the Blue Corridor. Speaking in the press conference, Rama rejected the allegations for corruption and also attacked the Berlin Process, blaming the initiative for not granting the necessary funding for the construction of the Milot-Fier road.

Completely focused on the Open Balkans project, the Prime Minister made the Berlin Process mechanism responsible, bypassing the fact that his government did not present any projects or serious studies that would justify the funding.

Two years ago, the issue of tendering this axis caused strong debates between the government and the opposition due to the inflated costs that were predicted, the tendering method and the fact that the use of the road would be made against a payment of €17.

Rama rejected the accusations, calling them just “a hole in the water” and showed how he had rejected the offer of a large company that had expressed interest in this segment.

We wasted a long time waiting for funds and decided to go on our own. It will serve to the further economic and social transformation, tourism and movement in the largest ring of the Mediterranean, it is the most strategic part of the Blue Corridor.

The competition will be successful. For those who spoke about a prefabricated tender, corruption, they only made a big hole in the water, because the race tender race took place, very large company that presented itself but it was not in the interest of the country, with long deadlines and demands that we did not meet”, said Rama.

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