The return to the ‘Arena’ of the ‘public player’, now with a promise kept!

Imagine a boxing match where; a boxer enters (he is forced to enter) the ring with his hands tied and faces an opponent who enters with his hands untied, he has trained all the time in very good conditions, and besides, he has the referees in his favor.

This is how Sali Berisha entered the “Air Albania” national stadium on December 11, 2021.

They dragged him into the ring with no mercy, declaring him non grata, a decision they could not support with any evidence.

They thought they had won because they had calculated the match in detail in all but one of its components.
The most important of the components in a match, the public/fans, who are the spirit of the player, whose energy and support turn the match in your favor even when your hands are tied.
This is what happened to Berisha on December 11, 2021. He entered the ring and showed everyone that he was the player of the public, or at least he was the player who knows how to turn the public in his favor even when his shoulders are on the ground and his hands are tied.

And so he did, returning to the stadium with 61 candidates for mayor chosen by themselves. From party members and sympathizers.

This type of player who knows how to create internal political synergy within the party under such conditions is destined to triumph.

Few thought that the spirit of opposition would rise again in this country. But that’s what happened, it’s evident today.

Hysni Gurra writes /

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