Berisha welcomes the Turkish opposition mayor: On May 14, let’s vote against Erdogan and Rama, they are like a sultan with a vassal

During the meeting, the leader of the DP Sali Berisha called for the May 14 elections to be held in both countries, to vote against Erdogan and Rama, who are like the sultan and the vassal.

Meeting with the mayor of Maltepe in Istanbul.

Kilic: ‘Cooperation is needed between the democratic oppositions of the two countries against their autocratic regimes’.

The chairman of the DP, Sali Berisha, met today with Ali Kilic, mayor of Maltepe in Istanbul, with whom he had a warm and friendly meeting.

Kilic, whose strength the Republican People’s Party is part of the opposition coalition, has expressed his appreciation for Mr. Berisha and his leadership in difficult conditions.

The chairman of the DP has expressed his solidarity with the leader of the opposition, the mayor of Istanbul, Mr. Ekrem Imamoglu, condemning the political decision of the court to sentence him to prison. Berisha added that the Turkish opposition embodies the pro-Western democratic ideals of the founder of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, principles of freedom and separation of powers, principles for which the DP also fights.

Kilic said that Berisha has the same principles as the opposition leader in Turkey and fights for them, despite the country’s disadvantage in authoritarianism. Even in Albania, as in Turkey, the situation is the same, with violations of laws, drug trafficking and the mafia. Elections are bought and re-bought with black money, crime and drugs,’ said the mayor of Maltepe.

Coincidentally, as in Albania, elections will be held in Turkey on May 14, and Berisha told his Turkish friend that he will call on Albanians in Turkey to vote for the democratic opposition there.

He added that the Rama-Erdogan cooperation resembles vassals with the Sultan and serves their power, but you two countries and our nations.

“A day of unity between us and a day of victory to end the 20-year rule of Turkey,” said the head of Maltepe.

Berisha, removing parallels between the two countries, said that Albania is also in difficult political and economic conditions, add here the international corruption pushed by George Soros.

“Let’s work hard and turn May 14 into a day of victory for Turkey and Albania,” Berisha said at the end of the meeting.

Ali Kilic, a journalist by profession, has lived in Germany for many years, where he was a journalist for the major Turkish newspaper Milliyet, and covered the conflicts in Romania, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. He has been the president of the European Federation of Alevi Trade Unions for many years. He is currently the external coordinator of the Republican People’s Party.

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