Berisha says the Democratic Party train will never stop, agrees with Meta for strong opposition action.

He confirmed the meeting he had with former President Ilir Meta, now chairman of the Freedom Party.

”I met Mr. Meta. We did not set any date for protests, but we agreed for powerful opposition action against the regime that is establishing significantly the monism in the country, the rule of crime, thefts and robbery of the Albanian citizens”, said Berisha.

He also commented the dismissal of the General Director of the State Police Gledis Nano and other developments that remind parts of a partial coup d’état.

“One may be a Prime Minister but one cannot fire the Director of the State Police without strong public motives. It is for sinister goals when one does not says the motives. One cannot replace the director of the State Intelligence Service (SHISH) without dismissing the director first. They have sent him away for studies without a definite deadline. This guy Helidon (Bendo, SHISH Director) must have been quite unschooled. He’s been for months in the United States now. A Prime Minister cannot dismiss the director of (the agency against) money laundering without giving explanations. In absence of the motives for dismissal any citizens has the right to believe it was for personal reasons, because Rama’s clan has been rumored as included in all the corruptive affairs”.

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