MP Këlliçi accuses Basha of lying to Democrat MPs, speaking on behalf of the US Embassy.

The road towards unifying (the Democratic Party) starts by removing the serial loser who – just like Edi Rama says he hasn’t raised the prices – says he has never lost an electoral battle in his life when in reality he has lost six consecutive elections”, said Këlliçi, referring to calls for a re-unification of the Democratic Party after the majority of the membership decided to join former Chairman Sali Berisha’s faction after Basha expelled him from the Democrat parliamentary group last September .

“(The re-unification can start) by throwing into the garbage heap of history a model of selling out the opposition, of deceiving the MPs on behalf of the US Embassy, of pressuring the deputies by lying to them and showing them fake data, fake polls, also showing it to the international community too. It happened all the time”.

“It is absurd to put an equality sign between Lulzim Basha, who is an insignificant factor in opposition, and Sali Berisha who, without a party, headquarters, logo, or seal, today is supported by two thirds of the opposition camp. In my judgment, it is important to have a regular race and let the free votes decide (who will lead the party).

I’d like all the politic factors of the Democratic Party gather after Basha’s departure to decide for the party’s future. In the situation we are now, we cannot win against Rama”.

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