Berisha :Mirenjohje te thellë Z.Anxhela Merkel.

Nga Sali Berisha /

Anxhela Merkel, me vendosmeri, urtesi dhe mençuri shpetoi disa vende te BE nga kriza e rende financiare dhe parandaloi pershkallzime konfliktesh ne kontinentin tone.

Zonja Merkel me Nismen e Berlinit ishte nje avokate e interesave dhe aspiratave Europiane te popujve te vendeve te Ballkanit Perendimor.

Me kete rast te dashur miq le ti urojme suksese kancelarit te ri Scholz ne misionin e tij te larte!

Sali Berisha .

Deep gratitude!

Friends, today Angela Merkel, the most prominent woman of her nation of all time and one of the most successful chancellors in the history of Germany, handed over the post of new Chancellor Olaf Scholz after 4 terms. Under its wise leadership, Germany spontaneously took over the political leadership of Europe, the European Union.

She resolutely, wisely and wisely saved some EU countries from the severe financial crisis and prevented escalation of conflicts on our continent. With the Berlin Initiative, Mrs Merkel was an advocate for the European interests and aspirations of the peoples of the Western Balkans.

These aspirations are not recognized as necessary progress due to the clichés of the ruling gangsters Belgrade-Tirana, Vucic-Rama, who in order to maintain their power, violate European standards and do everything as irresponsible to replace the Berlin process in the service of Serbism with the Belgrade-Tirana-Skopje trilateral alliance dangerous to peace and stability in the region.

Today, all Albanians should be deeply grateful to Chancellor Merkel for the invaluable economic, financial and comprehensive assistance that she and her great country have given in these 16 years to Albania and Kosovo, but especially for her decisive and visionary attitude. against the partition and partition of Kosovo with which she avoided starting a new conflict in our region.

On this occasion dear friends let us wish success to the new Chancellor Scholz in his high mission! sb

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