Berisha urges PM Rama to be present in the parliament or resign and testify in the US over the McGonigal scandal

“In the recent days, Albania has been in the eye of a storm that would humiliate any country. The Prime Minister of Albania, his minister, advisers, have been directly implicated in the affair of corrupting one of the persons in the United States with the most extraordinary, sensitive information for the US nation al security as well as for the security of other countries”, Berisha said in the parliament today, referring to the former FBI Special Agent Charles McGonigal who has received at least $225,000 from a former officer of the Albanian intelligence and has met Prime Minister Rama in his unofficial visits to Albania.

For months, a Grand Jury has ordered the investigation of every message, every meeting, every travel, every gift, every email, and everything else among McGonigal, Dorian Duçka, Agron Neza, and Edi Rama”.

This faceless, characterless person (McGonigal) is accused of betraying his country’s interests, has been hired in exchange of money from the Albanian Prime Minister’s office to investigate the (Albanian) opposition’s lobbying”.

“This Prime Minister has committed an ugly act by exploiting a man with no character, no moral. Instead of reporting him to his own country, he used him for his gain, misused him against the opposition, used him for manipulations against the opposition. This happens only in the North Korea and Maduro’s Venezuela”.

“That’s why no other debate can take place in the parliament today. Edi Rama must come here or step down from his post and testify in the United States”, urged Berisha.

“Do you know who McGonigal was, do you know what his functions were when you sent him the Russian oligarch’s money? Do

you know that (Russian billionaire Oleg) Deripaska has his tentacles all over the Albanian economy sectors?

Do you know that your Damian (Gjiknuri, former Albanian Minister of Energy) is the main spokesman of the Russian economic interests in Albania?”

Berisha addressed to the Socialist majority in the parliament room.

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