The charter scandal/ Berisha: Rama will be investigated, he was transporting money and…

I’m not talking about the transport that his plane makes of money and other materials, I’m not stopping there.
I am not dwelling here on his flights which are before Ismail, which are under absolute international investigation, not in one, but in two countries. That he had his Dučka director there.

We can stop here too, but we are stopping at 136 flights, 22 million euros. And we have to stop. In any country in the world, this constitutes a superscandal.

What is the answer? The answer is, we topple it in the leadership, where they have no power to topple it. It is an inalienable right of deputies.

The Constitutional Court has given a final answer, even in person to Edi Rama.

This will not allow us to investigate. We will investigate it in every cell. We will investigate everything, we will investigate everything that is suspected to have been stolen from Albanian taxpayers,” said Berisha.

“I stopped at these to emphasize the important tasks we have as a parliamentary group to protect the Constitution, to justify the trust of the 620 thousand voters who voted against Edi Rama, which he requests with exceptions, to annihilate the representation of these 620 thousand voters .

That’s why we have to do our job, multiply our efforts in the parliament. Let’s turn the parliament into the most powerful tribune for the protection of citizens’ interests. Of greater efforts for the elections of May 14, surely towards victory.

I stopped at this analysis to emphasize the vital analysis of our activity this year, not only for the PD, for the Albanian society, for the Albanian nation”.

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