Meta: Rama is the main enemy of youth’s freedoms, the killer of hope

Former Albanian President Ilir Meta blamed Prime Minister Edi Rama as the main culprit for the massive depopulation of the country. Meta commented a recent report on Forbes which listed Albania as the country with the third biggest Diaspora in the world. According to the magazine, Albania was behind Guyana and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Albanian Diaspora as much as 30% of the population.

“Albanians are going, they are in the third place in the world for leaving the country because Edi Rama is the main enemy of their freedoms, the author and the responsible person for killing youth’s hope, in such dramatic levels that they are risking their lives crossing the English Channel on dinghies”, wrote the chairman of the Freedom Party.

“We do not want this country to be abandoned, because every child that leaves Albania leaves behind sadness in their families. Albania belong to the youth and we will make it reality”.

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