Rama never filed a lawsuit against Bild and its journalist Tiede over the wiretaps publication.

Albanian Premier Edi Rama promised last June a lawsuit against German tabloid Bild and its journalist Peter Tiede over the publication of leaked prosecution wiretaps which showed senior Socialist Party officials engaged in rigging local elections in the Dibra County in 2016 and later the general elections in 2017.

Four months have passed and no lawsuit has been filed in any German court.Mr. Tiede told exit.al there was no suit, only a letter sent to the German newspaper. He was referring to a letter sent by Rama’s representatives which was ignored by Bild.Normally, after such letters are ignored, they are followed by a suit in a court of law.

However, it never happened. Despite Rama’s public bragging, he never filed against Bild or Peter Tiede.

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