Prime Rama does not Allow Parliament to investigate the crime Ties.

Prime Rama does not Allow Parliament to investigate the crime Ties.

Rama does not allow Parliament to investigate the crime ties.

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has challenged Prime Minister yesterday asking Rama to accept the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry committee, which will highlight all links with criminal networks Rama, ranging from band Kavaja Road. “If you do not bring evidence before the Prosecutor, I do not impinge on Parliament Hall”, was issued to challenge Rama Berisha.
Berisha said that the opposition would not take part in the committee that raised the majority unconstitutional, urging Rama to observe the Constitution and the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which means that most of the committee up to the opposition and that will highlight each connection Rama criminal networks, ranging from band Kavaja Road. The former head of the government said that if these are not true, he would be liable. “It does not shock me out this issue on the country’s Constitution, which provides in Article 77 establishing parliamentary committees of inquiry. Asking where the hell bravery and terror law is like asking squared circle. Friend in question, if maintains, accept the determination of the Constitution. I am the MP, the Constitution has given me the right as parliamentary investigation. The law has forced me to afford the results of this investigation lead Prosecutor General and I promise that I will do this, that will draw in the sunlight of his links with the mafia. Yes there are more mafia act than to send Secretary General to the President of the Republic of mafia and make blackmail. Hence, there is a determination Constitution, the commission of inquiry. The Constitutional Court has a definition which in Albanian law, European and wherever it meets constitutional prerogatives, meets the Constitution. In parliamentary investigative commissions, says GJ.K., most belong to the opposition. If you’re a coward with bunny in the abdomen when picked up fear and dread I do not know that, Wise. You have given no minister to explain before the Commission on Security and funny came here and was done talking to mosquitoes and back commanded blocking airports. You are ridiculous and cowardly who commanded men and women to sit here 8 hours of discussion and keep in office minister not to come here. And lifted Commission, unconstitutional and unconstitutional s’marrim part in committee. Apply the Constitution, implement the decisions of the Constitutional Court. Most committee regards the opposition and guarantee that every link will show off yours. Ranging from street gang ties Kavajes. If you are not absolute truths bear responsibility, “said Berisha.

Meta is afraid of the truth

In yesterday’s parliamentary session, former head of the government of Sali Berisha has asked the speaker to accept Ilir Meta said that once the current prime minister Rama. Testifying by video that said Meta for Rama, Sali Berisha has challenged both co to set up a parliamentary commission of inquiry to bring to light all their theft and if does not infringe on the Parliament. But before that Meta is drawn. Berisha said that the speaker Meta afraid of the truth and that is able to organize everything to save the truth. Berisha has further ordered the country’s achievements in government by the Democrats. “This was testified to what Mr. Meta said and read it not for the other to another friend Rama. I say once again, create a parliamentary commission of inquiry and if I do not show off before Albanians sunlight your theft of what to charge, I do not override this Parliament, this is it. Know how are you or not, you went from the truth as the devil incense, you fear it, you are able to organize everything just to be saved truths. They regard the party made possible NATO membership of Albania, about the party they made possible the abolition of visas, they respect the party made possible visit in November older people of this land, they regard this party made possible positive report on visas twice, on the status of the block you. These links, which the party had contributed historical and essential to the independence of Kosovo and its recognition, about the party they were safer tekstyra defense and national interest, they made about the party that in many aspects Albania move faster than ever in its history.

Rama in a year governance, zero investment

Addressing to Rama Berisha stressed that in a year he government has done nothing for the Albanians, unlike the time when the ruling was right. “Today is doing a year in government, not you able to tell a kilometer to build, do not you able to tell an open job, you’re not good to show a new school building, you’re not good to show a build center for seniors. To date they have showed Albanians his office, the Vice Prime Minister and your walls. Albania is today is limited to eight working offices, which have existed for all, with an excellent view of employing digital system, built by the Swedish government with its money. They have links to Albania to build roads in these years more than the entire region to get together by the European Commission. They have done this about Bangladesh over a period range from 4.8 percent to go on the internet on 60 percent of its use. You do not know what the new computer because the new psychological imagine not let new computer that works, they made them sit about 3 to 8 times phone tariffs and extends throughout the country. They made about Albanians to study in their high schools who will now return to confine your ancestors and from 12 students to one thousand inhabitants Albania have 50 students to one thousand inhabitants. They made about Albania for four years to get over 1 million, over $ 1 billion investment, those connections became more arid that Albania is today a country of two major projects in Europe today, TAP and cascade Devolli before you announce the election of giant rogue world in hydropower construction. They certainly can not regard solve everything, but mbidyfishuan salaries and pensions and made Albania the only country that did not fall into recession in eight years. If you do not know what the recession, you do not know what is economic growth, you can not hook two words with substance, of course you only fight that denies all this. You talked yesterday about technological Bathore at a time when in your mind you have a sick fog. You try to trample one of the greatest successes. I know what the message coming or not, tell the man that now are in the pocket computer, “said Berisha.

Fraud, Rama loop in throat

Former Prime Minister Berisha said that Rama can not fool me dot Albanians after his scams will become the loop in the throat. “Just one thing, deceived in the most unimaginable, were the Albanians that will make free health service, was the that would legalize all constructions that are free and only rises Hoxha will not touch a flat palegalizuar was the Albanians that will cut 20 percent of the price of energy by removing VAT, were the Albanians that will remove the tax on circulation, but I can not say this, not because he did not know, I knew 100 times better than you but I can not hear those voices that you hear. I will not ever face to go out to the Albanians. Be sure that every day I will raise up thy face from megamashtruesi to Albanians, every day continues surrounds from a square to another by Albanians say that you have free legalization, but who remembers that entices you, who thinks he cheats? What reminds you what reminds Albanians? Or was more vote and now claims to trample. Ever it can not be done, that megamashtrimet your loop will be made in the throat. If it holds, that it holds a holds s’ta is your job, you will not say that word, everyone understand what the word is, but it keeps the bid to create the commission of inquiry, of confirming ties, t ‘The prosecutor bring in, otherwise I do not come on in this room, “he said.

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