Veliaj sues Syri TV and the journalist of the investigative show, Koka reacts: Thank you for the Medal of Honor!

In an appearance for the media, the lawyer Plarent Ndreca informed that the lawsuit for the criminal trial for defamation against Syri Television, the “Piranjat” show, the journalist Bledian Koka, and the producer Vojo Bregu has been filed in the Court, calling it an ordinary defamation and falsification of facts. .

Besides an ordinary slander alla ‘babale’, it seems clear that this is a fraud scheme, which only aims at the electoral race and the denigration of the SP candidate. Scheme which is proven by the fact that, immediately after the publication of these false facts, it was embraced by the candidate of the Freedom Party and exponents of the Freedom Party.

This constitutes a serious violation of the law. Through this lawsuit, we invite all those involved in this fraud scheme to come to court and present the facts, or otherwise bear legal responsibility for the slanders made and refute in the same way the lie they have published,” he stated . lawyer Ndreca.

Head: Thanks for the Medal of Honor!

Regarding this lawsuit, comes the reaction of journalist Bledian Koka. In a post on social networks, he described the lawsuit as a Medal of Honor from which it is raised by a politician.

” Thank you for the Medal of Honor!

Today, Erion Veliaj filed a criminal lawsuit against me and Syri TV (although in total ignorance of the Syri.net portal they call it television) after the publication of a voice and video testimony of an Italian citizen who shed light on the well-known scandal of Incinerators. The greatest honor that can be given to a journalist is to be sued by a politician, so Erion Veliaj cannot do me the greatest honor! On the other hand, the 12:30 p.m. lawsuit from the SP headquarters comes exactly 2 hours after I sent these questions to Veliaj’s email after the public statements of the Italian citizen Gabriele Tarroni Longinotti, a businessman and former partner of Alberto Presezzi, a key person in the bringing to Albania of at least one of the incinerators!

ps..today for me and Syri TV and Syri.net is a fantastic day, believe me” , writes Koka

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