Democratic leader Berisha: Ambassador Kim has lied to her government in the USA.

Yuri Kim made this up with Rama, I don’t know, but of course I believe in the version of DASH, which says that the sources are the newspapers controlled by Rama and Soros, the secret reports of Edi Rama and NGOs, of Delina Fico , the name came from American researchers.

This was stated by the DASH spokesperson. But later, much later, Mrs. Kim added the FBI. Characters from the investigation group have also spoken about this, in fact, publicly, but again I remain with the DASH version,” said Berisha.

Asked about the absence of US embassy officials in McGonigal’s meetings with Rama, Berisha said: “His meetings were in total violation of the official FBI operational code of ethics. He behaved as if he were Edi Rama’s personal asset.

No embassy employee could accept such a thing.

What makes it very difficult is how this man, who has been to Albania six times, has met with the head of justice, the head of the police, the head of the service, he has come with blank cards to Edi Rama, who a short time ago called him a friend , now tells him that I had English.

If the embassy had been informed, his office would have been informed, the FBI would have been informed

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