13 public questions for the ambassadors of the USA and England: Why is Soros afraid of Berisha?

By Myslim Murrizi, former member of the Albanian parliament.

I wouldn’t write a single line about declaring Berisha non-grata because I don’t defend Berisha or anyone else, and in a formally democratic state like ours, every citizen defends himself from any accusation or appoints a legal defender (lawyer). to be represented and defended before justice against any accusation.

I never believe that Berisha sought protection from all those who, trying to protect him, make him dirty, just as I never believe that Berisha is harmed by the category of scum who rushed to spit out the pus of the dirty spirit that characterizes them.

Since I was personally part of the DP government, led by Berisha only in the years 1992-1997 and I was not part of the DP government 2005-2013, and as a person who never made a career out of licking, but I bumped into  with Berisha quite a few times, I have the courage and curiosity to ask some questions publicly to the ambassadors of the two biggest world powers in Albania, USA and ENGLAND:

1- Can you tell the democrats and the Albanians in which period of the DP government Berisha undermined democracy, abused power, committed corruption on a galloping scale, collaborated with criminals to buy votes?

2- Can you tell the democrats and the Albanians at what time Berisha posed a danger to the security of the USA and England, when since 2013, that is, for 9 years, he has had nothing in his hand and has not stepped on vacations or illnesses in these two places?

3- If Berisha endangers the national security of America and England, then why does the justice of these two countries not demand the extradition of Berisha and his trial and punishment as a terrorist in the USA or in England???

4- What prevents the judicial bodies of the USA and England to declare Berisha wanted internationally and fortunately we have an extradition agreement with England, while with the USA we have voted in 2021 since it has not existed since 1939?

5- If Berisha has committed criminal offenses and violated the security of the world’s two biggest powers during the years 1992-1997, why did these two countries wait 25 years to declare Berisha a danger to their security today when according to almost every criminal code every work after 25 years is prescribed?

6- If Berisha violated the national security of the USA and England, undermined democracy in Albania, practiced corruption and cooperated with criminals, during the years 2005-2013, then why did they introduce Albania into NATO in 2008, why did they approve the stabilization agreement -association and why did they liberalize visas for Albanians in 2010, when the government was led by Berisha as a high-risk person?

7- How is it possible that US President Bush comes to Tirana and meets a man who undermines democracy and poses a danger to US national security? I don’t know if any US President has ever met a terrorist like Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden before meeting the “terrorist” Berisha!

8- If Berisha has undermined democracy, collaborated with criminals living and operating in England, committed corruption and undermined England’s national security during the years 2013-2022, how can he do this without Rama’s support, support and cooperation and his government, that since 2013 Berisha himself has only had the keys to the straw?

9- How is it possible that a person so “dangerous” for the USA and England is not hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan, nor in Saddam’s cellars or the steppes of Siberia, but is in the middle of the capital of a NATO member country and the country that a week ago the EU membership negotiations were opened and he threatens the security of the two most powerful NATO countries, undermines democracy and collaborates with criminals and they do not declare him an international wanted man or ask for his extradition to be tried as a “terrorist” “?

10- The two biggest military powers of NATO and why not the world have so much “fear” by Sali Berisha?

11- These two countries that are not afraid of Putin and Russia, from China from Iran, Afghanistan (although they fled from here without glory) that have declared war on terrorism and any individual that has been seen as a danger to their national security since 2001 when the twin towers in New York were attacked, are they “scared” or “tolerated” Sali Berisha so much that they are satisfied with a non grata political decision?

12- Can Sali Berisha be so powerful and so dangerous that he endangers the national security of the USA and England, and these two super states do not “dare” to show him the country, but they tell him that he will not come to us for visit?

13- What “secret” for the USA, England or the world are the “crimes” of Sali Berisha that the USA and England do not make public with facts and details so that the democrats and all Albanians can learn and maybe after that there will be no need for spent millions of euros lobbying, but the democrats and the Albanians themselves can declare Sali Berisha non grata and not bring hundreds of thousands of Albanians to the square on July 7?

I think that the justice of America and England are not under the orders of politics and under the influence of the next power, and that justice does not fart for political statements or “papers” ordered with millions of euros paid by any country that seeks to eliminate political opponents through non-grata announcements with dirty tricks.

The justice system of America and England really works independently, not like our SPAK that investigates Bektash who harvests wheat, and there is no evidence and facts, I don’t care what statements the governments or their governors make.

Therefore, if they had facts about all those super serious “accusations” against Berisha, like America and England, and sent them as evidence to their courts, I guarantee you that Sali Berisha would have been declared a wanted person and would have been extradited to trial and sentence in both the USA and England.

However, the courts and justice of these countries do not initiate proceedings, do not investigate and do not punish anyone without evidence and facts and do not give a damn about Soros or his hounds who think they can hit anyone they see as not being a licker of their mind.
Now China, India, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Africa, Pakistan, Russia can declare Berisha a non-woman with such nonsense and they can describe her as an international “terrorist” who could start the Third World War, but I don’t believe that Berisha is so strong that everyone is afraid of him and no one dares to publicly tell him of his “crimes” and not punish Berisha as he “deserves” with life imprisonment in Guantenamo or Alcatraz.

For 30 years, I have not heard of any individual or politician in the world who has violated the national security of the USA and England and has not been arrested.

According to LLULLA and other pipes, the USA and England do not have a problem and are not at “war” with Putin and Russia, but with Berisha, Shkëlzen and Liria.
I would not write a single line about this, but I cannot believe that America and England are afraid of Sali Berisha.

I neither defend nor do I intend to defend anyone for any mistake, fault or crime he may have done or may do, for I am not part of the herd who rush to offer themselves for protection to a man whom they think has their interests in hand their dirt.
Sali Berisha does not need me to protect him, just as he does not need the licking of anyone who thinks they are protecting him, but in fact their very “protection” makes him dirty.

Sali Berisha does not shrink and does not become dirty even by the writings, allusions, fictions and fantasies of a handful of people without character, without morals, without dignity and without honor, since when he was prime minister they licked every corner of their body, and now they spit because they lick Rama, and tomorrow they will spit on Rama and lick the one who will be in charge because they are a breed of dogs that lick bones.

Albania is a formally democratic and independent state, with prosecutors and courts that I don’t believe stop anyone from investigating, judging and punishing any Albanian who commits criminal offenses and is convicted of them, as well as any ‘terrorist’ who is proven to be a threat to national security of Albania, England, America and Russia, even though his name may be Sali Berisha, if you have facts, publish them.
Sell the pallavras and media dokrras to those who think you are a god!
For 32 years, Albanians have been free to choose who they trust, who they want as a leader or party leader!

Time has shown that a few embassy rats who have no weight in the people cannot become leaders.

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