Opposition leader Basha promises to cancel the anti-media legislation once PD wins the elections

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha declared today the opposition will never recognize the so-called anti-defamation package and promised to cancel the new legislation once the opposition wins the elections. Basha made his statement in a meeting with the representatives of the Albanian media.

“There is no political freedom without free media and free speech”, Basha said to media representatives. “We are here as your partners, interested in the information of the citizens, which is your duty”.

He added the government and the Prime Minister are interested in the disinformation, arrests and pressures. “For us, this is unacceptable and a red line, as it should be in any democratic country”.

“If the unlawful parliament will take the madness to the limits on Friday by passing the package, not only we will not recognize the legislation, but we will do everything as soon we will have the responsibility of governing to undo this legislation”, Basha promised.

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