Democrat chief Basha publishes the criminal records of 27 political collaborators of Rama.

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha has published a video with the criminal records of 27 political collaborators of Albanian Premier Edi Rama, starting Valdrin Pjetri who was elected mayor of Shkodra but could not start his term after it was revealed he had hidden his criminal past in the form of decriminalization. The list continues with Pjerin Ndreu, newly elected mayor of Lezha, Artur Bushi, confirmed as the mayor of Kruja and others, mayors and deputies.

“This is the gang of criminals and thieves with which Edi Rama has usurped every power to rob Albania. Crime and Rama are inseparable. To get rid of crime we must get rid of Rama”, Basha wrote.

Valdrin Pjetri, mayor-elect of Shkodra, sentenced over drugs traffic, money laundering via hotels, shops and other activities.

Pjerin Ndreu (the new mayor of Lezha) in the blacklist of international partners since 2003. Expelled from police on the grounds of involvement in traffics, intercepted in the wiretapped conversations of the elections rigging.

Artur Bushi (mayor) of Kruja, drugs trafficker in Italy.

Dionis Imeraj from the gang of Ymer Lala in Dibra and Valbona Sako (the new mayor of Durrës) of the gang Dako-Avdylaj.

Elton Arbana of the Avdylajs’ gang, ran for mayor of Shijak.

Tërmet Peçi (mayor of Tepelena) and Klement Ndoni of Këlcyra, drugs traffickers.

Agim Kajmaku, convicted in Greece, mayor of Vora.

Rakip Suli of Kamza, caught in flagrance stealing with state contracts.

Liman Morina of Has, former prefect of Kukës, caught on video while buying votes.

Taulant Balla, chairman of the Socialist parliamentary group, guarantor of money laundering for the Albanian crime in Belgium.

Jurgis Çyrbja, MP of Durrës, political representative of Emiliano Shullazi’s gang.

Rrahman Rraja, MP of Fushë Kruja, a boss of crime in the area of Kruja, head of a drugs trafficking clan.

Ulsi Manja, chairman of the parliamentary commission of laws, involved in the laundering of drugs money.

Damian Gjiknuri, former minister, head of the operation of votes buy-out in Dibra, involved in the €40-million scandal of Tirana’s new city ring road.

Alket Hysenaj, MP of Saranda, stealer of properties at the seacoast, money launderer.

Paulin Sterkaj, MP of Malësia e Madhe, involved in drugs traffic and prostitution when he was chief of Lezha police department.

Tom Doshi, MP of Shkodra, declared non grata from the United States.

Reme Lala, MP of Dibra, daughter of Ymer Lala, a head of the organized crime.

Ilir Ndrazhi, MP of Shijak, political representative of the Avdylaj gang.

Luan Harusha, MP of Shkodra, linked to the Bajraj criminal clan that bought votes for Edi Rama.

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